How To Steal Your Ex Back

Published: 25th October 2010
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Going through break ups are sometimes hard to handle. There are those who can easily move on and find a replacement, others takes years to finally accept reality that they are no longer with their past boyfriend or girlfriend, and there are some of those who grasp to hope they'll get back together with their ex. If feelings of hope doesn't work then you need to get back to reality and think of ways to steal your ex back.

At this stage you should have coped up from the break up. A positive outlook in life will help get things going right.

Act cool. I don't suggest acting hostile or jealous to your ex and to someone he or she is dating, if there is. Your ex won't want to see you again if you let emotions loose in front of him or her. Be strong even if you are hurting inside. Flash a big smile whenever you see your ex, and make small talks or conversations and let it sound casual as possible.

Winning back as a friend. Try to win your ex back but now as a friend not as lovers where you two used to before. There's nothing wrong befriending your ex. It's one way of getting your ex back. Ask your ex to go on double dates so you can catch up with what's going on with his or her life. Make your intentions clear that you would just want to be his or her friend. But don't close the opportunity of getting back together.

Be with his or her friends. It doesn't mean if you broke up with your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend you couldn't be friends with his or her friends anymore. Your ex will appreciate the efforts you exert with their friends. Additional points for you.

Make your ex miss you. You could send your ex a text message asking how he or she is doing, if he or she replies and if you could figure that a nice conversation will occur then suggest that it would be nice if you two could meet up in a cafe you both haven't tried before just to catch up with each other's lives. It's important to give an impression that you want to meet up just as friends. Give your ex something that would remind him or her of your sweet moments together.

If you want your ex back it's crucial to be willing to make some changes. Don't just hope and pray. Take initial actions instead of just hoping. And the above tips will surely help on stealing your ex back.

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